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Who is Daisy Gill  

Daisy Gill is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool and was born and raised in the heart of the city. 

From the young age of five Daisy taught herself to play the piano. She also is self-taught in guitar and can play the flute. It was not until age eleven that she started to write songs. 

Her first gig was at age 12 and since then she has continued to grow not only as a musician but as an artist, writing song after song and playing gig after gig.  This has allowed Daisy a lot of time to grow and develop which is definitely shown in her journey as an artist.

Daisy has had a somewhat eclectic taste in music, this has been very prominent in her releases - Daisy has released songs in different genres such as country music, and retro/jazz however, in recent years Daisy has moved away from her origins and slowly has made a move into pop music with pop ballads such as "Save It For a Rainy Day" and "Breaking Down the walls" which was produced at Parr St studios by Chris Taylor who has produced the likes of Paul Weller and The Coral. 

"My musical journey has been a bit of a strange one, I feel being so young and not having guidance made things a bit difficult for me to actually know what I wanted as an artist, when you're young you're still growing and developing so it can take some time to find who you truly are and what you want to say as a person let alone an artist - I feel like people who have followed my music for a while have seen it all, I was jazz , country and recently I've moved away from those genres and I feel I'm finally heading in the right direction"

"Being a woman in this industry can give you some crazy ideologies as for the longest time I always thought I wasn't 'right' for contemporary styles as I didn't fit a certain mold, but I've come to realise thats all bull s**t. Just be who you are and try your best to make the music really good, thats all that matters... I had to go through these things though to become who I am today I've been in bands, been solo, been in all sorts of mad situations but I'm glad because Its helped me find myself as a person and an artist. It might have taken some time but I'm so grateful!"

"My next few releases are gonna be a lot different to what people have previously heard from me! I actually started out writing Pop/R&B songs from a young age so writing more upbeat/contemporary songs is what comes natural to me... I can't wait for people to hear what I've got coming next."

Daisy has performed in venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, and has performed at the Main stage at Pride as well as opening the ceremony for the parade at pride too! She has performed at many festivals such as Glastonbury as well as LIMF and Threshold Festival. 


© 2021 by Daisy Gill  

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