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Daisy Gill

Who is Daisy Gill  

Daisy Gill is 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Liverpool and was born and raised in the heart of the city. 


From the young age of five Daisy taught herself to play the piano. She also is self-taught in guitar and can play the flute. It was not until age eleven that she started to write songs. 


Her first gig was at age 12 and since then she has continued to grow not only as a musician but as an artist, writing song after song and playing gig after gig.  


In 2012 she released her first single "Breaking Down The Walls" which was typically a pop single, however, it is fair to say since then she has developed a more mature sound and voice and these days she is sounding more country/ Pop. 


Notable work includes "Bonnie & Clyde", "Walk into The Light" & "Take Your Time"


You can also find Daisy busking the streets of Liverpool city center. 

© 2019 by Daisy Gill  

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